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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: run-1.3.3

On 05/10/2014 22:58, Angelo Graziosi wrote:

Il 05/10/2014 22:31, Angelo Graziosi ha scritto:
Marco Atzeri wrote:
Remove the run-1.3.3-1.tar.xz from the download cache and try again.

The first thing I did. I removed run-1.3.3-1.tar.xz from my local repo
and after this I got that update info dir requires all those package,
already installed!

worked fine for me from

Here same issues also from

OK, maybe the issue regards _update-info-dir. setup.ini shows

@ _update-info-dir
sdesc: "Generate info/dir file automatically"
category: _PostInstallLast
requires: texinfo bash cygwin
version: 00326-1
x86_64/release/_update-info-dir/_update-info-dir-00326-1.tar.bz2 406
version: 00268-1
12801 3ba57406b2cdf1297bb2b13ddcaf6b69

You were right, it seems that the update of setup.ini was behind the upload.
There were some errors due to other package uploaded at the same time
and due to the peculiar structure of _update-info-dir this caused
the problem.

Eventually will be better to leave a prev version of the package, not just for the source.

but on the mirrors I find 00327-1... (time stamp Aug 10, 2008!!!)
This is a red herring, the file content is always the same


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