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Re: Direct/efficient way to chop off trailing \n

Andrey Repin <anrdaemon <at>> writes:
> I like bash, but it's no damned explorer, and can't be the one.
> Simple for lack of visualization. My regular "shell" is

I would have said that bash is not a damned explorer -- rather, it's
a darn good shell, which can often times be much better than an

pushd +3.  vim'ing on the command line.  fc.  NewCommand !!:$
diff -qr Long/Path/1 Another/Long/Path/From/Dir 2>&1 | tee ~/tmp/diff.out
tar cf - Some/Directory | ( cd Other/Long/Path ; tar xf - )
find ... | xargs , etc., etc.

How can *any* non-command-line compete.  It would be like having one's
hands chopped off.

As for Far Manger, unfortunately, my environment is locked down.  It
took a very long time to get cygwin, and an old snapshot at that.

>> and I am *never* able to work exclusively in cygwin.
>> I suppose you can always use cygstart to launch app files
>> or executables, but Windows can be very inconsistent at times.
>> I never know when cygstart will launch a new instance of an
>> already-running app.
> That's not even Windows - that's a per-application behavior.

Yes, but even in the Office suite, I've been surprised in the past.
It is not trustable.

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