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Re: Direct/efficient way to chop off trailing \n

Greetings, Paul.Domaskis!

> Andrey Repin wrote:
>> Most people either use Cygwin tools in isolation, or use Cygwin
>> tools from Windows tools.  The opposite is rare, and mostly boils
>> down to scripting, where you naturally use $(cygpath ...) to produce
>> desired results.

> Which I find odd. If you like bash, then that's going to be your
> explorer,

I like bash, but it's no damned explorer, and can't be the one.
Simple for lack of visualization. My regular "shell" is

> and I am *never* able to work exclusively in cygwin.

> I suppose you can always use cygstart to launch app files
> or executables, but Windows can be very inconsistent at times.
> I never know when cygstart will launch a new instance of an
> already-running app.

That's not even Windows - that's a per-application behavior.

> Also, I often encounter the need to specify a
> file location but not emulate a double-click on that file.

I get it by simple copying the file location from panel.
Really, try it. You might end liking it beyond explanation :)

Andrey Repin ( 03.10.2014, <8:55>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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