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Re: No file name completion for file names start with underscore

Eliot Moss <moss <at>> writes:
>On 9/24/2014 6:19 PM, Paul.Domaskis wrote:
>>Andrey Repin <anrdaemon <at>> writes:
>>>Paul.Domaskis wrote:
>> Can anyone suggest how the bash-completion man page is acccessed, and
>> what M-/ means?
> M is for "meta", as in the meta escape key functionality in Emacs.
> This will work according to the bash command line editing facility,
> etc.  There are different ways to "make" meta-ness.  One, if you
> set it up, is to use the Alt shift key.  Another is to type the
> Escape key then the one that meta is being applied to, in this
> case, Escape then / (as two separate key strokes).  I think given
> this information you can dig up more.  I don't know where the
> documentation is on the bash completion package, off the top of
> my head.

>From googling, the meta key is Alt (simultaneously) or Esc (pressed
and released before the accompanying key).  Using these to try and get
M-/, neither combination forces completion.  In both cases, the entire
command line content is replaced by a forward slash.

I thought that the following .inputrc might be causing the problem:

   set visible-stats on
   set editing-mode vi

So I renamed it to something else and launched some new cygwin
windows.  Puzzlingly, the command line editing behaviour remains
unchanged.  Not only does completion not work.  So

   find _vim<Tab>

doesn't complete even though _viminfo and _vimrc are present.
Similarly using of Alt or Esc for the meta key doesn't result in
completion when M-/ is typed.  Much more puzzlingly, I can still get
vi editing behaviour at the bash command line.  Very strange.

And the mystery doesn't stop there.  If I open up an xterm, the above
completion *does* work using just the tab key.  Woohoo!  Very strange
that it would work, though -- it shouldn't!

However, the other anomalies are still present in the xterm.  That is,
using Alt or Esc for the meta key in M-/ results in the entire command
line content being replaced by forward slash, and I also can get vi
editing behaviour at the bash command line.

Curioser and curioser....

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