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Re: Cygwin install crashes & reboots without leaving a trace

Arend Rensink writes:
>> 25-9-2014 10:54:05	Quarantined	legal software that can be used by
>> criminals to damage your computer or personal data
>> PDM.Worm.P2P.generic	C:\CYGWIN\SETUP-X86.EXE
> (I don't suppose there is a worm, but you might be interested in knowing
> about this false positive.)

Clearly a false positive based on an overly broad heuristic.  Since it
looks it is behavioral based, you could try to separate the download and
install part.  Also it might help if you strip setup.exe of the "I was
downloaded from the big bad Internet" information that Windows slaps on
it (most easily by copying it to a FAT32 partitioin, such as a USB

> Well, if I knew *where* (during with package install) this is triggered,
> it might still help circumvent the problem. I'm pretty sure this is
> deterministic. However, AFAIS no log file is generated - probably due to
> the abrupt termination. Can you suggest any way I can obtain a log?
> For instance, can I reroute logging to stdout?

If you start setup-exe from a CMD window you'll get plenty of output.

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