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Re: Cygwin install crashes & reboots without leaving a trace

On 25-9-2014 12:18, Adam Dinwoodie wrote:

I would be looking very hard at whatever virus protection you have.
The fact that the setup-*.exe is being removed makes me think some
third party program is killing the installer and deleting the
executable; that's just not something the installer will do.

Yes, in te meanwhile I looked a bit further and found out that that's
precisely what happens. The corresponding message is:

25-9-2014 10:54:05	Quarantined	legal software that can be used by
criminals to damage your computer or personal data
PDM.Worm.P2P.generic	C:\CYGWIN\SETUP-X86.EXE

(I don't suppose there is a worm, but you might be interested in knowing
about this false positive.)

As a result, there's very little we can do on this list to help you.
Normally I'd suggest looking at the setup.log file, but I very much
doubt that will tell us anything other than that the installer
suddenly stops running.

Well, if I knew *where* (during with package install) this is triggered,
it might still help circumvent the problem. I'm pretty sure this is
deterministic. However, AFAIS no log file is generated - probably due to
the abrupt termination. Can you suggest any way I can obtain a log?
For instance, can I reroute logging to stdout?

Unfortunately, the virus software configuration is set by university
policy, I can't touch it myself :-( (though I am of course also trying
to go that route).

In any case, thanks for your reply and help.

Arend Rensink
University of Twente

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