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Re: Cygwin install crashes & reboots without leaving a trace

On Thu, Sep 25, 2014 at 10:46:57AM +0200, Arend Rensink wrote:
> I've been a happy cygwin user for at least a decade, but starting this week I
> can't seem to update any more, and in fact my installation is broken entirely.
> When I run (a freshly downloaded) setup-x86.exe, at some point during install
> the installer quits, the .exe-file is removed, and sometimes my computer
> reboots. No log file is created, but visually it seems as though this occurs
> somewhere around binutils - though that's not the culprit, I also tried to run
> after excluding binutils from the refresh and the same thing happens.
> The same sleo happened with a fresh install of the 64-bit version, as soon as
> I tried to go beyond the default installation (in fact, when I tried to get
> texlive installed).
> It seems as though this might be caused by some overzealous virus protection
> software on my computer, and I'm happy to look that way as well, but I've not
> experienced any similar problems either with other software or on other
> computers with essentially the same configuration.
> Any hints as to how to proceed? Somewhere a facility cygcheck is mentioned but
> in my broken installation I can't find that, might have been removed.

I would be looking very hard at whatever virus protection you have.  The
fact that the setup-*.exe is being removed makes me think some third
party program is killing the installer and deleting the executable;
that's just not something the installer will do.

As a result, there's very little we can do on this list to help you.
Normally I'd suggest looking at the setup.log file, but I very much
doubt that will tell us anything other than that the installer suddenly
stops running.

The fact that other programs work fine doesn't really tell us anything
-- the Cygwin installer does a bunch of things that aren't really very
common in other Windows programs, namely downloading and extracting
tarballs containing libraries and executable files.


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