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Re: Fwd: Re: Strange gdb backtraces on 64-bit Cygwin

At 2014-09-23 16:02, Ken Brown was heard to say:
On 9/23/2014 9:23 AM, Markus Hoenicka wrote:
At 2014-09-23 14:31, Ken Brown was heard to say:

So I think it's pretty clear that the strange backtrace I observed
with gdb-7.6.50-4 on 64-bit Cygwin was indeed due to a deficiency in

I hope that people who have been experiencing emacs crashes with
"impossible" backtraces will update to gdb-7.8-2.


I might be dense somehow, but the two emacs crashes with said
"impossible" backtraces that I reported yesterday [1][2] were observed
with the gdb version that you recommend:

$ gdb -version
GNU gdb (GDB) 7.8

$ cygcheck -f /usr/bin/gdb

Are you sure this is all it takes to get sane backtraces?

The "impossible" backtraces that you were getting earlier were the
ones that showed run_timers in Thread 2.  This problem didn't occur
with the backtraces that you reported yesterday.  The only problem
with those backtraces was the lack of detail in Thread 1.  Eli
suggested one possible explanation.  Another is that the stack had
gotten messed up by whatever caused the crash, so that gdb was unable
to unwind it.  If we ever get any clue as to what's causing these
crashes, we might come up with a reasonable place to set a breakpoint
in order to get a useful backtrace.

By the way, I'm sure that one or more of your threads are created by
Glib.  So installing the debuginfo for Glib as I suggested yesterday
might help, at least in those cases where the crash/abort involves

Thanks for the clarification. I did install the Glib debuginfo as you suggested earlier today.


Markus Hoenicka
AQ score 38

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