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RE: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: emacs-24.3.93-3 [TEST]

> -----Original Message-----
> On
> Behalf Of Ken Brown
> Sent: Monday, 2014 September 22 13:11
> Subject: Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: emacs-24.3.93-3 [TEST]
> On 9/22/2014 10:21 AM, Doug Lewan wrote:
> > The announcement below (re: pretest of emacs 24.4) is starting to
> confuse me.
> Maybe you missed the earlier announcement about emacs-24.3.93-1:
> Does that clear things up?
> I realize that it's unusual to make an upstream pretest the current
> Cygwin release.  But I did that because the bug referred to in my
> announcements was too serious to ignore.  (It's actually a long-
> standing
> bug, but it was masked prior to the release of cygwin-1.7.31.)

While I'm not sure I'd seen that announcement in particular,
I have been watching the related issues (which I think have been affecting
me for quite a while now). I'd interpreted the announcement
as meaning that 24.3.93-3 would be a bit of a hybrid; 
your pointer definitely clarifies things.


Douglas Lewan
Shubert Ticketing
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"This is a slow pup," he said continuing his ascent.

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