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Re: Packages up for adoption

On 9/18/2014 11:44, Chris Sutcliffe wrote:

I'm looking for any volunteers to take over
maintainership of the following packages: mksh

I'm also somewhat interested in this one. I've never been a Korn shell user, but I recently learned about mksh and its place in Bourne family shell history. [1] Only a ksh93 package would be more valuable, but until someone adopts that, I think mksh still has a place in Cygwin.

More questions:

1. Where is the source package?  setup.exe doesn't offer it.

2. Have you cygported it yet? I built it from the official tarball, and while it has a primitive non-Autotools build system, it looks compatible with cygport.

3. Other than time, is there a reason you haven't released R50b yet? It seems to pass its own test suite here, so if I adopt it, I'm committing to releasing R50b shortly, unless there are traps I haven't discovered.

4. What do you think about replacing mksh in Cygwin with ksh93? It seems OSS-enough to make Red Hat happy. [2]


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