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Re: No file name completion for file names start with underscore

<Paul.Domaskis> writes:
><Paul.Domaskis> writes:
>> I'm using the following 64-bit packages:
>>    cygwin 1.7.28-2 bash-completion 1.3-1
>> If I am in a folder that contains file _vimrc and directory
>> _vimfiles, filename completion doesn't respond.  I type "ls _" or
>> "ls _v" and press tab -- nothing happens.  I can't really do
>> anything about it because it took months to approve the use of
>> cygwin install CDs made near the beginning of the year, but I was
>> wondering the problem is reproducible by others?
> Oops, my bad.  The phrase "file _vimrc and directory _vimfiles" should
> read "files _vimrc and _viminfo".  The directory is actually
> "vimfiles" and has no underscore.

I'm not sure if this is a false alarm, but I have another error in my
original post, due to my haste in cobbling together an arbitrary
example.  In actuality, completion does not fail for "ls _v".  It
fails for "find _v".  But it works for other commands like ls and
find.  Again, lack of completion fails only when trying to specify
filenames starting with underscore as arguments to the find command.

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