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Re: Using DLL compiled with Cygwin inside Visual Studio 2010

On Sun, Sep 14, 2014 at 4:23 PM, Andrey Repin  wrote:
> Greetings, Csaba Raduly!
>>> B. **OFF-TOPIC**: How can I reply to a specific message in the mailing list?
>>> I'm pretty sure that just mention the same title won't be enough. even
>>> tho that what I'm trying to do right now...
>>> I'm not subscribed to the list, so I can't just hit the "Reply" in my
>>> mail (http gmail).
>> You could try hitting Reply and manually adding the mailing list
>> address (c...@c... . com),  or replacing the list of recipients with
>> it.
> Reply to what?... He's not subscribed.

To the email I assumed he received. He didn't mention how he got the
message he was trying to reply to.

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