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Re: Using DLL compiled with Cygwin inside Visual Studio 2010

>>I've read already tremendous amount of articles, tutorials, and
>>instructions about how to solve my problem - but still - no gain. I
>>just can't put it into work.

>>My goal is pretty simple: I want to compile a DLL file using Cygwin
>>gcc tool, and then use it within MSVC2010.


Ok, so I guess my problem is linking against cygwin1.dll *and*
msvcrt.dll together. right?
A. How do I solve that? I assume I should link only against
cygwin1.dll, since I need it for my dll, right?
But how do I prevent Visual Studio to link against msvcrt.dll as well?

B. **OFF-TOPIC**: How can I reply to a specific message in the mailing list?
I'm pretty sure that just mention the same title won't be enough. even
tho that what I'm trying to do right now...
I'm not subscribed to the list, so I can't just hit the "Reply" in my
mail (http gmail).
I've tried to look everywhere, got even for several mailing-list FAQ's
(non-cygwin related), but found nothing.

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