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bi-arch cygwin (was Re: /usr/local/bin symbolic link disappears every time cyg setup is run)

Dat Head wrote:
I have a symlink from /usr/local/bin to /3TB-external/bin/CYGWIN to keep
architecture independent bin files on an external drive for portability.
   I've tried similar and wasn't able to convince anyone (my track
record on being convincing is significantly lamer than mosts').

   I thought this (
was the best solution to fix this problem.

   I first mentioned it in
this: (
post and would love to see it work.

As it is, I have to manually recreate the links and manually copy
programs installed at the wrong location after each install.

Re: solutions to use a cygwin mount point:

Kurt Franke wrote:
I just use /usr/local as a mount point:
$> df /usr/local/
D:/cygwin-local/usr/local 766838780 405249584 361589196  53% /usr/local
setup may create any structure under this mount point,
but this has no effect in cygwin...

Achim Gratz wrote:
Just create a mount in /etc/fstab and keep the tree under the mount
point empty.

Miss the point -- I want setup to write into the shared location
for /usr/share or any specific mount point.

Both "mountvol" and "linkd" create "junctions" which are called
soft mount points by microsoft vs. "mklink", which actually
creates something called a "symbolic link".

Under cygwin, linkd-created junctions are treated like symlinks.
I lobbied (unsuccessfully) to get this changed.  The stumbling
block was a fear of this creating directory loops -- which cygwin
already creates via it's own soft mounts (or so "find" tells me
when doing a rebuild of the "locate" db.

The same behaviors happen on linux with it's mount program
redirecting files and directories... the device num doesn't
change -- and loops can result.  But linux took the path of
providing the feature and not second-guessing how users
and admins should configure their computer.  When MS
implemented junctions in Win2k, they said that uncareful
use could result in directory loops.
It is unfortunate that cygwin should have eliminated
the usefulness of MS's directory remounting (as this
would have kept this feature in parity with linux).

every time I run cyg setup.exe it removes the symlink and creates an
empty /usr/local/bin directory - is it really supposed to do that?
are there some cygwin pkgs (none that I have installed because it has
never put anything there) that put files there? (even if there are,
it shouldn't zap the symlink)
If it doesn't put files in there, then why would it delete the symlink?

That seems like a malicious enforcement of a broken paradigm.

Note, this allows this type of structure:

 ll / |grep cyg|cut -c42-999
bin -> /windows/system32/cygwin/bin/
bin1 -> /windows/system32/cygwin/bin/
etc -> /Windows/system32/cygwin/etc/
lib -> /Windows/System32/cygwin/lib/
sbin -> /Windows/System32/cygwin/sbin/
usr -> /Windows/System32/cygwin/usr/
var -> /Windows/System32/cygwin/var/

Then the link in /windows/system32 is handled by windows:

(under 32 bit windows:)
C:\cygwin\bin>uname -a
CYGWIN_NT-6.1-WOW64 Athenae 1.7.28(0.271/5/3) 2014-02-09 21:06 i686 Cygwin
C:\cygwin\bin>dir \windows\system32|grep cyg
01/10/2014  01:09 PM    <SYMLINKD>     cygwin [C:\cygwin]

(64-bit windows:)
C:\bin>uname -a
CYGWIN_NT-6.1 Athenae 1.7.32(0.274/5/3) 2014-08-13 23:06 x86_64 Cygwin
C:\bin>dir C:\windows\system32|grep cygwin
01/11/2014  09:21 PM    <SYMLINKD>     cygwin [C:\cygwin64]

So depending on whether you are running 32-bit or 64-bit, the *redirector*
link in /windows/<syswow64|system32>/  redirects you to the compatible
architecture (or should if everything was put together correctly.

Unfortunately, w/o any "soft-mount" support by honoring window's linkd
entries, it's not easy to maintain this type of setup (as you can tell
from the "uname" output -- my 32-bit cygwin doesn't get updated
as often... ;-(

Anyway, just a rehash of what a bi-arch cygwin might look like
and how it could be implemented.

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