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Re: vi editing at bash command line: cc command doesn't work

I have the same problem.  My system details (abbreviated):

Windows 7 Home Premium Ver 6.1 Build 7601 Service Pack 1

Cygwin installations found in the registry:
  System: Key: e022582115c10879 Path: C:\cygwin64
  User:   Key: e022582115c10879 Path: C:\cygwin64

  Cygwin DLL version info:
      DLL version: 1.7.29

This is a standard installation using Cygwin setup program.

I've just updated to dll version 1.7.32 and the problem persists.

The above was done in an xterm window, but it also happens in the standard
Cygwin64 Terminal started from the desktop shortcut.

I've installed mksh, which also supports vi style command line editing,
and both 'cc' and 'dd' work as expected there.


On 9/9/14, 7:02 AM, "Paul.Domaskis" <> wrote:

><Paul.Domaskis> writes:
>><Paul.Domaskis> writes:
>>> I needed cygwin on a new work computer that was locked down.  I
>>> created a DVD from all the 64-bit packages some time in the first
>>> quarter of 2014, then took the several months needed to get
>>> approval for its installation.  I then replicated the environment
>>> from an old work computer with a 32-bit installation of cygwin,
>>> including:
>>>    ~/.inputrc
>>>    ~/.minttyrc
>>>    ~/.bash_profile
>>>    ~/.bashrc
>>>    /usr/share/vim/vimrc
>>>    /usr/share/vim/vimfiles
>>> Everything works well *except* for the fact that when using vi-like
>>> editing at the bash command line, the cc command does not clear the
>>> line and enter insert mode.  This is the same regardless of whether
>>> I am using a mintty or an xterm in X-windows.  However, if I invoke
>>> vim from either of those 2 environments, cc does work.  It also
>>> works when I run gvim from xterm, and when I run gvim compiled for
>>> Microsoft Windows.
>>> What more can I check to try and narrow down the cause of the
>>> problem?
>   <...snip...>
>> Please note that when I say cc doesn't work with vi-editing at the
>> bash command line, I mean that nothing happens.
>> Also, I did not clean up the vimrc file because I suspect that there
>> is very little chance that it was the culprit.  I believed that
>> nothing from vimrc is used for vi-editing at the command line.  I
>> confirmed this just now by renaming /usr/share/vim/vim{rc,files} and
>> observing the same problem with vi-editing at the command line.
>Just noticing that it also affects the dd command too.  That is,
>nothing happens.
>I'm not sure how many people actually use vi key bindings at the bash
>command line.  If you do, and you have none of the above problems with
>the 64-bit install, could you please chime in so that I know that
>there is a solution (even though I may not know what that solution
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Problem reports:
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