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Re: Odd interaction between tab and backspace

Greetings, Mark Yagnatinsky!

>>> I've tried the following in mintty and in putty, and it happens in both:
>>> First, launch cat or grep or similar.
>>> Type a line with some tabs in it.
>>> Try to backspace them away.
>>> The tabs are erased one space at time, leading to ... You know what,
>>> why don't I just show you:
>>> $ cat
>>> 0       1       2       3       4       5       6     eh?
>>> eh?
>>> The above was produced by typing 0 through 9 separated by tabs, then
>>> backspacing as much as possible, then typing 'eh?'  The screen still
>>> shows 0 through 6 followed by eh?, but all cat got was the eh?!
>>> Is it a bug, a feature, or something else?
>> I can only replicate it in mintty. In PuTTY 0.62 with putty-256color terminal
>> and Ubuntu 8.04 running at the other end, I can not repeat it.
>> Tabs get deleted all proper.

> I'm running the same version of PuTTY, and the problem persists.  Could it be that I'm
> running it on the same computer, as described at

If by "running it on the same computer" you mean "connected to Cygwin SSH server
running on the same machine", then this could be explained by a bug in
terminal handling of Cygwin.
I don't have Cygwin SSH server running nearby, that I can connect to to test
if this is indeed the problem, hopefully someone here can do that easier than
me and will be kind enough to fill in the gaps in the report.

Also, please don't

Andrey Repin ( 07.09.2014, <22:09>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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