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Re: Replicate packages from 32-bit machine on 64-bit machine

Larry Hall (Cygwin <reply-to-list-only-lh <at>> writes:
> Well, right.  There's no way to automatically map all 32-bit
> packages to their 64-bit counterparts, particularly because there
> isn't always a 64-bit package to map to.  What I was suggesting was
> a method you could use to make a first pass at the 64-bit packages
> that you want to download.  It won't be perfect but it would be a
> quicker alternative to doing this all manually.  But if 64-bit
> packages are what you're looking for, you definitely have to go
> through some process for this once.  After that, you can employ the
> same technique to replicate your 64-bit installation elsewhere.

Adam Dinwoodie <adam <at>> writes:
> I don't think there's any perfect solution to this problem -- as
> noted there just isn't a perfect mapping between 32-bit and 64-bit
> packages -- but it occurs to me that you could install the
> cygcheck-dep package and call `cygcheck-dep -il`.  That'll give you
> a list of just the "leaves" in the tree of installed packages and
> their dependencies, which may be a better starting point for what
> packages you need to install on your new system, since you'll
> automatically get all their dependencies.

Larry, Adam,

Thanks for the follow up.  I don't want to match packages from the
bottom up because some of them are automatically chosen based on
dependencies.  I ended up just going through manually choosing
packages.  Wasn't all that bad.

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