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Re: any ssh for android that can connect to cygwin's sshd?

On Fri, 5 Sep 2014, Marilo wrote:

I am able to connect to a server running Cygwin's sshd from a computer running debian openssh.. or from a computer running cygwin. So the server is set fine. If the key fails it prompts for a password, i've set the server's sshd_config is set like that.
But the Android apps that i've tried e.g. 'better terminal' and perhaps juicessh, tend to use Dropbear ssh, and dropbear ssh gives an error when trying to connect. It says
ssh: Connection to user@host:123 exited: No matching algo hostkey
maybe the encryption algorithms don't match, but i'm no expert
Is there anything I can do at cygwin's sshd end.. Or, any command line ssh client for android that is known to be able to connect to it?

I use something called "Terminal-IDE".

One big problem with what you want to do is with the keyboard and Terminal-IDE provides a full keyboard solution... Check it out...


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