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Re: Screen Documenation

Andrew and Achim,

Thanks for the quick turnaround. I just downloaded the new release
(4.2.1-3) and the man pages and info docs are there.

By the way, the update also fixed a problem I was having (which was
why I wanted to RTFM): In the previous release (on x86, at least), the
info and window list output ("C-a i" and "C-a w" respectively) would
appear at the bottom of my mintty window, rather than in the title
bar. With 4.2.1-3, they have returned to the title bar, as desired.

Thanks again.


On Thu, Sep 4, 2014 at 2:39 AM, Andrew Schulman <> wrote:
>> David Eisner <deisner <at>> writes:
>> > Is this intentional, or am I missing something? Thanks.
>> Looks like a packaging error for x86 (the x86_64 package is OK).
> Hm, sure enough.  Sorry about that.  Not sure what went wrong, but I'll get
> a new release out with the documentation.  Andrew
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