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Re: /usr/local/bin symbolic link disappears every time cyg setup is run

On 09/03/2014 05:19 PM, Dat Head wrote:
I have a symlink from /usr/local/bin to /3TB-external/bin/CYGWIN to keep
architecture independent bin files on an external drive for portability.

every time I run cyg setup.exe it removes the symlink and creates an
empty /usr/local/bin directory - is it really supposed to do that?
are there some cygwin pkgs (none that I have installed because it has
never put anything there) that put files there? (even if there are,
it shouldn't zap the symlink)

/usr/local is a common subtree on Linux systems, common enough that
setup makes sure it exists by creating it.  Setup, though, doesn't
know about all the variations of symlinks that Cygwin itself does
so its pretty heavy-handed when it comes to symlinks that get in
its way.  As a work-around, you could script setup so that it
recreates the symlink you want with each run.  You could even make
your own "mirror" which provides a package that contains only a
postinstall script that does this, so that anytime you run setup,
you could install or reinstall this package from your own mirror
to make this more generic and integrated.  Another alternative
is to take a look at setup's source and see if you can create a
patch to handle this better.  You can probably think up some
other possibilities for a solution that you like even better. :-)



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