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Re: (call-process ...) hangs in emacs

Corinna Vinschen writes:
> More or less, just compare the ACLs and see if you find strange
> differences.  This only works for the ACLs created or modified with
> `setfacl' and the snapshot DLL.

I see, I'll have to make extra tests for this.  Usually I just have to
live with some inherited ACL that I can't change at all.

> The ACLs created or modified via
> setfacl with the older DLLs always were different and, I have to admit,
> kind of broke the default POSIX permissions created via open() or
> chmod().  The idea of my change was to make them always in an identical
> fashion.  The order may only vary in secondary permissions, but never
> in the standard permissions, which also always come first.

One thing I've noticed, but can't really say if it's related to the
change, is that setfacl quite often claims an "illegal ACL" when trying
to remove for instance the SYSTEM read permission.  Removing the group
owner ACL instead did the right thing in at least one instance.  But
I've mostly been removing all ACL from the whole tree via the explorer
security tab (for ~/.ssh/ and similar stuff).

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