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RE: [BUG] Nasty bug persists on x86-64

 Hello Corinna!

> Try `bt' at this point.  Maybe the backtrace shows something of
> interest.

 You haven't read the message completely. 'bt' cannot help since there's no debug information for ntdll and gdb is unable to unwind the stack correctly.

> Apart from that, try the latest snapshot from
>  I converted the internal exception
> handling avoiding crashes from system functions to SEH.  Perhaps the
> above doesn't show up with it.

 I have installed the snapshot, and looks like it's now stable. However, this exception actually persists. I can tell you some more details. The actual malfunction happens when this exception fires twice in a row. I managed to catch this with strace a couple of times, but didn't save logs unfortunately.
 I want to try to bisect for the origin of this crash. Currently i know that it happens before main(). But is main() a real entry point ? I believe it's not. Can you tell me what is the real binary's entry point in Cygwin ?

 Yesterday in the evening i replied from home with some more information, but my reply got lost again :(

Kind regards,
Pavel Fedin
Expert Engineer
Samsung Electronics Research center Russia

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