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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cygport-0.17.0-1

I have just released cygport-0.17.0 for both the Cygwin distribution and the Fedora Cygwin toolchain.

This release includes the changes necessary for supporting the new Ruby packaging scheme. Also, the .keep files previously used to preserve empty directories are no longer shipped (but the directories themselves still are).

Changes in this release (24):
      list_deps: ignore deps of executable scripts in docdir
      Do not ship .keep files
      ruby: Fix RUBY_VERSION for 2.0
      Define global RPM-like variables
      Require findutils, gcc
      pkg_diff: ignore .gem files in diff
      php: php-config moved to php-devel subpackage
      rubygem: gem command now provided by rubygems package
      rubygem: use RUBYGEM_NAME in place of ORIG_PN
      rubygem: provide definitions for standard installation directories
      rubygem: do gem install in rubygem_install
      rubygem: update gem install flags
      rubygem: gem install directly into $D
      rubygem: configure --with-cflags for debuginfo
      rubygem: accept configure flags to pass to extconf.rb
      rubygem: clean more unnecessary files from RUBYGEM_INSTDIR
      rubygem: remove unnecessary files from RUBYGEM_EXTDIR
      rubygem: remove the source gem from the binary package
      ruby: define RUBY_HEADERDIR
      rubygem: install Ruby-GNOME2 specific files into correct paths
      rubygem: disable postinst-doc
      list_deps: ignore scripts in rubygems
      list_deps: use gemspec for rubygem dependencies
      cygport 0.17.0


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