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Re: connect() hangs on a listen()ing AF_UNIX socket

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Aug 22 20:32, Christian Franke wrote:
Corinna Vinschen wrote:

Another potential solution might be to defer the AF_UNIX handshake to
the first send/recv:

Whatever the peers do, there is a certain protocol used.  That means,
there's an implicit understanding who's going to do the first send and
who's doing the first recv.  So, after connect/accept, both sides of the
sockets go into "connected_but_handshake_missing" mode.  On the first
send/recv, the handshake gets started and if it fails, send/recv
Is an actual handshake really required? It would possibly be sufficient that
each peer sends its secret+credential and then expects a correct
secret+credential from the other peer before sending anything.

After actual connect()/accept():

send our secret+cred (should not block due to TCP queuing).
So both peers send their credentials...

if (! nonblocking recv peer secret+cred)
This will almost always result in connected_but_secret_missing.  It's
probably ok to drop the recv attempt here entirely.


Before actual send()/recv()/getpeerid():

if (state == connected_but_secret_missing) {
   if (! recv peer secret+cred)
Sounds like a nice idea.  We should try that.  I'm just not sure how
much time I have left to work on this before my vaca next month.  Do you
have fun to look into that?  We have waited so long for postfix, I guess
a couple more weeks won't really hurt.

OK, will try that

Postfix apparently pushes Cygwin to its limits. With a test cygwin1.dll where the secret+cred exchange is fully disabled, postfix starts up but queuing of mail fails.

This is because fchmod() is called on a file rename()d after open():

fd = open("tempfile", ., 0600);
// use fd's inode number and current time to create unique "queuefile".
rename("tempfile", "queuefile");
write(fd, "SOME MAIL....", .);
fchmod(fd, 0700); // fails with ENOENT on Cygwin (because it does a chmod("tempfile",.)?)

A workaround using chmod("queuefile", 0700) helped here. Then smtp client, smtpd server (direct or via smarthost), sendmail emulation and local delivery to maildir works. Running as service with uid/gid switching is not tested yet.

It will likely take some time to look into all these details before first ITP.
(Therefore let's forget the "cygcheck -m" patch for now :-).


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