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Re: (call-process ...) hangs in emacs

Ken Brown writes:
> It looks like my idea is going to work, but it needs testing to make
> sure I've implemented it correctly.  If anyone is willing to test it,
> you can download emacs-24.3.93-2 from my personal Cygwin repository:
> Instructions can be found at that URL.

I've switched to this version today.

I've noticed that two bugs are still present at least in the emacs-w32

1) When showing the Windows desktop with Win-D and then restoring it
(including Emacs) with Win-D again, the cursor becomes a hollow
rectangle that doesn't blink.  To get the normal cursor behaviour back
you have to minimize and restore the Emacs window in the "normal" way.

2) Files that have no POSIX permissions (filemode 0000) and where access
is granted via ACL only get always opened as "read-only" and you have to
C-x C-q them before saving.  It appears that this is Cygwin specific
since on Linux the same version copes with that situation correctly
(however, the mask bits in the ACL get displayed in the group portion of
the file mode, which I've never seen happen on Cygwin, so this may be
something that Cygwin needs to do -- maybe that'd even solve the
problems that Perl has in the same situation).

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