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Re: Update to latest cygwin creates crashes in dlclose()

On Aug 25 10:30, Cary R. wrote:
> >On Aug 22 16:45, Cary R. wrote:
> >> I upgraded to the latest cygwin earlier today (it has probably been
> >> a month or more since I last updated) and now a program that has been
> >> working is crashing (segfault) when calling dlclose(). dlopen() and
> >> calling a function in the DLL still works just fine. An older version
> >> of the program still works correctly so it's not just simply calling
> >> dlclose() but something more context dependent.
> > Is you applications written in C++?
> Yes the primary application is C++. The DLL is mixed C and C++.
> > Does recompiling with the latest gcc 4.8.3-3 fix the issue?
> make distclean, a reconfigure and then a complete recompile was the
> first thing I tried when I noticed the failure and that did not fix
> the crash.
> > Typically a SEGV creates a stackdump file. Can you show us?
> No stackdump file is being created. If I remove the call to dlclose()
> the application does not SEGV and appears to run correctly.
> Here is the output from gdb:
> ~/src/verilog/iverilog-push/iverilog/vvp > gdb ./vvp-dev.exe
> [...]
> (gdb) run -M../vpi ../../iverilog/vvp/examples/hello.vvp
> Starting program: /cygdrive/c/src/verilog/iverilog-push/iverilog/vvp/vvp-dev.exe -M../vpi ../../iverilog/vvp/examples/hello.vvp
> [New Thread 4152.0x78c]
> [New Thread 4152.0x1254]
> Warning: vvp input file may not be correct version!
> Hello, World.
> Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
> 0x6314c658 in ?? ()
> (gdb) bt
> #0Â 0x6314c658 in ?? ()

Hmm, YA case of __gcc_deregister_frame crashing?  For a start you
could check in which DLL this crash occurs.  Call `rebase -si' and
check in which DLL this address is on your system.  I hazard the guess
it's going to be /bin/cyggcc_s-1.dll...

> > Last but not least, do you have a simple testcase to reproduce the issue?
> I do not have a simple test case yet. Since this is an open source
> application you could compile it to observe the behavior, but I was
> planning to look into this more based on any feedback and my available
> free time this week.

Ok, I'll look into other stuff for now.


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