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Re: setup.exe handles same packages in multiple mirrors badly

On Aug 26 05:35, Andrey Repin wrote:
> Greetings, Bjorn Kautler!
> > But first things first, it is Bjorn or Bjoern, not Bjorn. :-)
> Apology. My current locale does not include western diacritics.
> > Now I only wanted to update the git packages, so I selected "Keep" in
> > the upper right corner,
> That's the worst thing you could possible do.
> It changes so many states on so many packages at once, that the result is
> hardly predictable.
> > filtered for "git" in the upper left and then
> > cycled in the "New" column and only got the entries "Keep",
> > "" and "Uninstall".
> > If I now instead select "Curr" in the upper right, the git packages
> > have "2.0.4-1" selected in "New" column.
> > If I now cycle through the possibilities I still keep only getting
> > "Keep", "" and "Uninstall". The only way to get 2.0.4-1 back in
> > that column is to deselect "Curr" and select "Curr" again.
> If you ask me, Setup is long overdue for a complete replacement.
> It "don't have" so many things other package managers allow, that I don't even
> know, where to start. Meta dependencies? Suggestions? Virtual packages?

The problem is not that we don't know this, the problem is, as so often,
that we only have a handful of active developers at all, and nobody
having the time nor inclination to work on setup to keep it ahead of

Setup was a wonderful idea, way back when it has been created, but the
vintage charm of its Y2K roots are a bit depressing these days.

So, if anybody wants to take a stab at setup and revamp it, feel free.
The only requirements are, it should still be able to utilize the
setup.ini file created on, it should still be able to work
the mirror list provided by, and it should still provide a
GUI and a command line.  Everything else is open for renewal.


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