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Re: setup.exe handles same packages in multiple mirrors badly

Greetings, Bjorn Kautler!

> But first things first, it is Bjorn or Bjoern, not Bjorn. :-)

Apology. My current locale does not include western diacritics.

> Now I only wanted to update the git packages, so I selected "Keep" in
> the upper right corner,

That's the worst thing you could possible do.
It changes so many states on so many packages at once, that the result is
hardly predictable.

> filtered for "git" in the upper left and then
> cycled in the "New" column and only got the entries "Keep",
> "" and "Uninstall".
> If I now instead select "Curr" in the upper right, the git packages
> have "2.0.4-1" selected in "New" column.

> If I now cycle through the possibilities I still keep only getting
> "Keep", "" and "Uninstall". The only way to get 2.0.4-1 back in
> that column is to deselect "Curr" and select "Curr" again.

If you ask me, Setup is long overdue for a complete replacement.
It "don't have" so many things other package managers allow, that I don't even
know, where to start. Meta dependencies? Suggestions? Virtual packages?

> So to just update Git to the newest version I would currently have to
> select "Cur" and then manually change all other packages to "Keep", as
> this seems the only way to get 2.0.4-1 selected as "New" version.

Select "pending" list and remove checkboxes from binary packages you don't
want to install.

> Now comes the even more interesting part.
> Now I started setup.exe with

> setup-cygwin.exe --site
> --only-site --root D:\\cygwin --package-manager - -local-package-dir
> D:\\cygwin-packages --no-shortcuts --pubkey

> which is the same command but only the cygwinports mirror removed.
> What I see now is the same as before, just that the "New" column
> entries reduced to "Keep" and "Uninstall" and selecting "Curr" is
> still the only possibility to get 2.0.4-1 into the "New" column of the
> git packages.

> So this doesn't seem quite right, even with only one mirror selected. :-/

Indeed. That's quite interesting.

Please don't

Andrey Repin ( 26.08.2014, <05:05>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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