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Re: setup.exe handles same packages in multiple mirrors badly


now that's interesting.

But first things first, it is BjÃrn or Bjoern, not Bjorn. :-)

Now to the interesting part.
If I call setup.exe like the following:

setup-cygwin.exe --site --site --only-site --root
D:\\cygwin --package-manager - -local-package-dir D:\\cygwin-packages
--no-shortcuts --pubkey

from the console, the console brings amongst other things the message

package git comparing versions 2.0.4-1 and, result was 1

Now I only wanted to update the git packages, so I selected "Keep" in
the upper right corner, filtered for "git" in the upper left and then
cycled in the "New" column and only got the entries "Keep",
"" and "Uninstall".
If I now instead select "Curr" in the upper right, the git packages
have "2.0.4-1" selected in "New" column.
If I now cycle through the possibilities I still keep only getting
"Keep", "" and "Uninstall".
The only way to get 2.0.4-1 back in that column is to deselect "Curr"
and select "Curr" again.
So to just update Git to the newest version I would currently have to
select "Cur" and then manually change all other packages to "Keep", as
this seems the only way to get 2.0.4-1 selected as "New" version.

Now comes the even more interesting part.
Now I started setup.exe with

setup-cygwin.exe --site
--only-site --root D:\\cygwin --package-manager - -local-package-dir
D:\\cygwin-packages --no-shortcuts --pubkey

which is the same command but only the cygwinports mirror removed.
What I see now is the same as before, just that the "New" column
entries reduced to "Keep" and "Uninstall" and selecting "Curr" is
still the only possibility to get 2.0.4-1 into the "New" column of the
git packages.

So this doesn't seem quite right, even with only one mirror selected. :-/

Actually I found a less cumbersome workaround than deselecting all
other packages after selecting "Curr".
Using --packages works, so either calling

setup-cygwin.exe --site --site --only-site --root
D:\\cygwin --package-manager --local-package-dir D:\\cygwin-packages
--no-shortcuts --pubkey --packages
git --packages git-completion --packages git-cvs --packages git-gui
--packages git-svn --packages gitk

or directly

setup-cygwin.exe --site --site --only-site --root
D:\\cygwin --local-package-dir D:\\cygwin-packages --no-shortcuts
--pubkey --packages git --packages
git-completion --packages git-cvs --packages git-gui --packages
git-svn --packages gitk --quiet-mode

works in selecting only the git packages and updating them to the
current version.

Now that 2.0.4-1 is installed, it lets me select "Keep", "Reinstall",
"Source", "1.7.9-1", "" and "Uninstall", so setup.exe
obviously already supports versions from different mirrors (repos) as
1.7 is previous version on normal mirror and 1.8 is from cygwin-ports.

Best regards

2014-08-25 22:39 GMT+02:00 Andrey Repin <>:
> Greetings, Bjorn Kautler!
>> I usually start setup.exe like "setup.exe -K
>>"; and select the cygwinports mirror
>> and a "normal" mirror in the mirror selection page to have the
>> packages from both mirrors readily available, selectable and
>> updatable.
>> Unfortunatley, setup.exe seems to not handle this properly if a
>> package is present on both mirrors. When I look at the available
>> versions for the git packages, then I only see the 1.8 versions from
>> cygwinports, not the newly released ones from the normal mirror. (yes,
>> I made sure I selected a mirror where the packages are already
>> available)
>> In such a case I think setup.exe should provide the versions of all
>> the mirrors for selection and auto-select the newest version
>> cross-mirror for update.
> Never had a problem.
> P.S.
> run ./setup-${ARCH}.exe -K -O -s -s
> --
> WBR,
> Andrey Repin ( 26.08.2014, <00:37>
> Sorry for my terrible english...

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