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Re: Question about apache2

Greetings, Gery .!

> I just started using apache2 in Cygwin, basically following this:
> '',
> and things seem to work properly, I just typed 'http://localhost' in my
> Opera browser and I got 'It works' as expected, this should be telling me
> that apache2 is working well.  

> However, when I started apache with 'apachectl2 start' I got 'httpd2: Could
> not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using
> fe80::f418:15ef:b5b9:a1df for ServerName', 

This message is harmless, but can be avoided adding appropriate ServerName
directive in the httpd.conf or other appropriate place outside of the scope of

> and after 'netstat -a' I got (last two rows) this:

netstat -aonb

>   UDP    [fe80::c7:280d:3f57:ff97%7]:546  *:*
>   UDP    [fe80::f418:15ef:b5b9:a1df%3]:1900  *:*

These are not Apache ports. It doesn't use UDP.

> I think the last row is related to the message

Only because this is IPv6 address of your system.
Not a coincidence, nor a relevant information.

> above pointing to  fe80::f418:15ef:b5b9:a1df. Would that be a problem? if
> so, how could I solve that?


Andrey Repin ( 19.08.2014, <18:23>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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