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Re: cygwin now supports shared libraries?

On 8/16/2014 05:12, Gery . wrote:

so, Cygwin now supports shared libraries or always did?

Cygwin's binutils could link to DLLs (shared libraries) from the beginning, if only because Windows' own APIs are all DLL-based.

I did a fair bit of Googling to try and find out when gcc -shared started working, but couldn't find a reference. I'd guess it was pretty early on, since I can't remember a time when Cygwin couldn't create DLLs. (I've been using Cygwin since B18, the first packaged release.)

There have been occasional problems. For instance, I seem to recall a problem where C++ library DLLs failed when thrown exceptions crossed the DLL boundary, many years ago. While that problem existed, the standard recommendation was to build affected libraries statically, since they wouldn't work right otherwise. But, that's very much not the same thing as "Cygwin cannot create DLLs."

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