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Re: mandb aborts

On 16/08/2014 09:40, Marco Atzeri wrote:
On 16/08/2014 09:17, Achim Gratz wrote:
Marco Atzeri writes:
anyone seeing the same ?

As reported previously, that happens on some machines and the inclusion
of the debug switch (mandb -dc) might well work around it.


thanks Achim,
I thought infancy problem were gone ;-)


just as side note, also with debug switch on the same machine
the program can fail or not depending on the amount of page to process.
Just added some texlive extra doc and now it is failing.

ult_src: File /usr/share/man/man3/set_form_userptr.3x.gz in mantree /usr/share/man
ult_src: points to /usr/share/man/man3/form_userptr.3x.gz
trying encoding UTF-8 -> UTF-8//IGNORE
"form_userptr - associate application data with a form item"
record = 'form_userptr - associate application data with a form item'
trace->names[0] = '/usr/share/man/man3/set_form_userptr.3x.gz'
trace->names[1] = '/usr/share/man/man3/form_userptr.3x.gz'
trace->names[2] = '/usr/share/man/man3/form_userptr.3x.gz'
name = 'form_userptr', id = A
replace_if_necessary(): newer mtime; replacing
name = 'set_form_userptr', id = B

ult_src: File /usr/share/man/man3/set_form_win.3x.gz in mantree /usr/share/man assertion "mbsinit (&ps)" failed: file "/usr/src/ports/man-db/man-db-2.6.7-2.x86_64/src/man-db-2.6.7/gnulib/lib/fnmatch.c", line 321, function: gnu_fnmatch


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