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Re: Running a cygwin application on Windows

On Aug 14 21:52, Fernando Gont wrote:
> Folks,
> I'm the main developer of an open source project
> <>, and was meaning to port
> our project to Windows.
> My idea was to use cygwin, since I'm not much of a Windows programmer.
> Is there any way to produce and ship an exe with the relevant libraries?

What about just creating a Cygwin package and including and maintaining
it as part of the Cygwin distro?

This way, you can simply point users to the Cygwin distro, never have to
care for keeping third-party libs up-to-date, never have to provide
sources for third party libs on your site, never have to look into
library collisions on user systems, and in general, just have to point
users to the Cygwin distro to fetch your package.

As an additional benefit, you get a lot more help porting your package
on the cygwin and cygwin-apps mailing lists.  In some cases we're also
going as far as patching Cygwin itself for the benefit of a package :)

> P.S.: Our project is GPL'ed, so no issues in terms of licenses....



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