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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: coreutils-8.23-2

A new release of coreutils, 8.23-2, is available for download, leaving
8.15-1 (32-bit) or 8.15-3 (64-bit) as previous.  The test package 8.23-1
is no longer available; for anyone that tried the test package, the main
difference is dropping the hostname utility in favor of the separate
hostname package.

This is a new upstream release; for upstream changes, see
/usr/share/doc/coreutils/NEWS.  It is also my first time building
coreutils for 64-bit cygwin in the capacity as maintainer (thanks to
others that helped in the initial transition to 64-bit).

Of note, there is no longer an 'su' program in coreutils; this is an
upstream decision (many Linux distros are getting su from other
packages, and even though cygwin's su had come from coreutils, it was
heavily patched and doesn't work as smoothly as on Linux).  I'm debating
whether it is worth trying to capture the last release of coreutils' su,
as patched to work on cygwin, for distribution as an independent
package; if anyone was relying on that program, now is your chance to
speak up.  Also, if you need the 'hostname' program, it is now provided
as a separate package rather than part of coreutils.

In building this version of coreutils, the testsuite complained about
ACL detection on directories not working as expected; if you notice 'ls
-l' output looking strange on a directory when compared to 8.15, please
report the details, so I can investigate if this is a regression or
something I need to patch.

If you encounter a regression, please report it here rather than
upstream.  See also the upstream documentation in /usr/share/doc/coreutils/.

Help in porting the stdbuf utility to cygwin would be appreciated.

GNU coreutils provides a collection of commonly used utilities essential
to a standard POSIX environment.  It comprises the former textutils,
sh-utils, and fileutils packages.  The following executables are included:

[ arch base64 basename cat chcon chgrp chmod chown chroot cksum comm cp
csplit cut date dd df dir dircolors dirname du echo env expand expr
factor false fmt fold gkill groups head hostid id install join link ln
logname ls md5sum mkdir mkfifo mknod mktemp mv nice nl nohup nproc
numfmt od paste pathchk pinky pr printenv printf ptx pwd readlink
realpath rm rmdir runcon seq sha1sum sha224sum sha256sum sha384sum
sha512sum shred shuf sleep sort split stat stty sum sync tac tail tee
test timeout touch tr true truncate tsort tty uname unexpand uniq unlink
users vdir wc who whoami yes

To update your installation, click on the "Install Cygwin now" link on
the web page. This downloads setup.exe to your
system. Save it and run setup, answer the questions and pick up
'coreutils' from the 'Base' category.

Note that downloads from aren't allowed due to bandwidth
limitations.  This means that you will need to find a mirror which has
this update, please choose the one nearest to you:

If you want to make a point or ask a question the Cygwin mailing list is
the appropriate place.

Eric Blake
volunteer cygwin coreutils package maintainer

For more details on this list (including unsubscription), see:

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