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Re: cannot display man page for /bin/passwd

Greetings, Corinna Vinschen!

>> >> When I try to display the man page for /bin/passwd, the man page for
>> >> the openssl passwd subcommand is displayed.
>> >> 
>> >> It appears that both the package containing /bin/passwd, and the
>> >> openssl package place the passwd.1.gz file in the /usr/share/man/man1
>> >> directory, so that only the man page from the most recently installed
>> >> package is displayed.
>> > No, the Cygwin passwd tool has no man page.
>> That's sad. Can we change it?

> Would you like to take over maintainance of the cygwin-doc package?
> It's orphaned and in desperate need of an active maintainer.

That's tempting. I'll think about it. It doesn't involve deep knowledge in
the C language, I assume? (Which I'm lacking.)

>> Also, the paragraph "All operations affecting the current user" is missing a
>> "$" sign in reference to environment variable LOGONSERVER.

> No, that's deliberate at this point.

If we are to think about it as actual Windows environment variable being
propagated to affect Cygwin processes, it makes sense.
I'll amend the man page in this regard.

>> The phrase "to enter a password which" is probably missing a comma.

> Hmm, not sure.  The English language is pretty lazy in terms of
> punctuation characters.


>> Slightly unrelated question. I've noticed, that if a paragraph in source file
>> have line break after a period, the page is rendered with two spaces between
>> a period and first letter of next sentence, even though there's only one
>> character (a linefeed) exists. No stray spaces, no CR's. Is this intended?

> Yes, for the English language.  See

Thanks. It was looked deliberate, judging from reproducibility on a number of
available systems, was just unsure, why.
Should probably follow locale settings, though... And it looks weird on
fixed-width terminal, especially if you are using pretty-printing font (with
most of punctuation shifted to the left). Looks almost like there's 3 spaces
between sentences.

Andrey Repin ( 06.08.2014, <23:46>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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