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Re: Cygwin terminal collapse


Firstly, a big "thank you! to everyone who responded to my earlier email.

To start with, I reinstalled bash and its dependencies; that went through
fine, but it didn't seem to fix the problem - the Cygwin terminal still
wouldn't launch, and still reported "This app can't run on your PC".

I got a second lot of cygcheck output, and found that Cygwin was also in
the list of incomplete packages; so I reinstalled that and its dependencies
as well, and tried again, with identical results.

I've attached output from "cygcheck -r -v -s", run after the reinstallation
of package Cygwin.

One thing I should, perhaps, mention: I'd also been using Cygwin Ports, and
it looks like I'd got more recent versions of some packages by adding that
repository.  I don't think that caused the problem itself - the first
problems I was getting with the lock-ups was before I first used Cygwin
Ports, though the missing shortcut error and the "this app can't run" error
came after I installed some Cygwin Ports packages - but I noticed, when I
reinstalled from just straight Cygwin sources, the version number of some
packages (e.g. bash-completion) seem to have gone down from where they

So, any further hints would be most welcome...



Attachment: cygcheck-output3.txt
Description: Revised output from cygcheck -r -v -s

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