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Cygwin terminal collapse


My Cygwin setup seems to have... well, imploded, for want of a better
word.  I'm running Windows 8 on a fairly high-spec Sony laptop; I've had a
minimal installation for a few months, and installed a large number of new
packages yesterday.

The first hint of trouble was my computer seeming to freeze when I was
reviewing the screen of the Cygwin terminal.  It might not have been as
dramatic as it seemed to me: I'm blind, and use the JAWS for Windows screen
reader (from; and what seemed to happen was that
the JAWS keystrokes stopped working completely - which shouldn't happen
unless there's a pretty impressive crash or lock-up.  The odd thing was
that regular keystrokes were causing beeps; but, unfortunately, I don't
know what message may have been on the screen at the time.

I had to forcibly reboot at that point; the same thing happened a couple
more times.  The last time, however, the lock-up didn't seem to be quite as
complete - I was able to get out with alt+F4, rather than having to switch
the machine off completely.

After that, however, I wasn't able to restart Cygwin.  When I tried
immediately afterwards, Windows complained of a missing shortcut to
mintty.exe when I used the hotkey I've assigned to my desktop Cygwin icon.
After a reboot, the message had changed to "This app can't run on your
PC".  And that's where I'm now firmly stuck.

I was able to run cygcheck -s -v -r from within the regular Windows CMD
environment (rather than the Cygwin terminal, obviously), and I've attached
the output.  However, I'm not sure if it's run properly, as some of the
things it claimed were missing (bash, gcc, sed) definitely shouldn't be
missing.  I found sed.exe manually in c:\Cygwin\bin, too, so this might be
to do with the setting of the PATH environment variable when not in a
Cygwin environment.

Any help much appreciated!

Thanks, and best wishes,


Attachment: cygcheck-output.txt
Description: Output of cygcheck -s -v -r, from within cmd.exe

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