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Re: syslog function: Bad file descriptor

Hi Daniel,

On Aug  5 18:28, D. Boland wrote:
> Hi group,
> I'm still working on getting Sendmail working for Cygwin. I'm almost done, the devil
> is in the details...
> I'm getting the 'Bad file descriptor' system error after building the mail aliases
> database. The building itself is done successful, but logging the event to the
> system log fails with this message.
> Somehow the two are connected. The alias database (aliases.db) is built from a plain
> text file (aliases). If I leave the aliases file writable to the sendmail user, I
> find that the error message strings have been put right into the alias text-file:
> $ cat /etc/mail/aliases
> <21>sendmail: PID 1848: alias database /etc/mail/aliases rebuilt by smmspsenet: root
> news: root
> webmaster: root
> www: root
> ftp: root
> abuse: root
> noc: root
> security: root
> root: SYSTEM
> <22>sendmail: PID 1848: /etc/mail/aliases: 9 aliases, longest 6 bytes, 82 bytes
> total
> If I make the 'aliases' file read-only, then the file is not corrupted, but the
> error occurs.

I don't see that this has to do with syslog.  There's a writev to fd 3,
but you stripped the strace so we don't know what fd 3 is connected to.
Also, syslog writes the output to the Windows event log by default,
unless you have a syslog daemon running, connected to /dev/log.

So I guess we first have to know what fd 3 is connected to, and then
how to reproduce the issue.


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