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Re: Basic question about cygport

Philip Daniels <philip.daniels1971 <at>> writes:
> A while ago I asked a question on Stack Overflow about doing a basic
> install task with cygport, but got no answers. Too esoteric perhaps. I
> think it should be easy for anyone who knows cygport, it's a basic "copy
> some files to a known location" task.

It wouldn't hurt to just ask the question again here instead of sending
people off to read it elsewhere.  If you want to track the problem down
yourself, read /usr/share/doc/cygport/manual.html -- then running cygport
with the --debug switch gives you plenty of output to tell you what's going
on when you run the failing commands.  That said, you might look at a
cygport file that uses insinto/doins and adapt it (from gnuplot):

        mkdir -p ${D}/etc/X11/app-defaults
        insinto /etc/X11/app-defaults/Gnuplot
        doins ${D}/usr/share/gnuplot/${myPV_MAJ_MIN}/app-defaults/Gnuplot

Hope this helps.


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