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Re: LPR output disappearing

Greetings, David Masterson!

>>> I created a PDF file with Org-Mode in Emacs and used "gv" and "lpr" to
>>> try to output.  I have a Dell A10 printer attached to my Acer PC.  The
>>> output looked like it was going to work in that the Dell popup that
>>> shows that the printer is about to print something popped up.  However,
>>> it took a long time and eventually did nothing.  I turned around and
>>> printed the same file with Adobe Acrobat Reader and it printed fine, so
>>> I guess the file is proper PDF.  This is my first time attempting to do
>>> a printout with "lpr" in Cygwin, so maybe I haven't configured something
>>> appropriately or given lpr the proper arguments (I think it was given
>>> just the filename).
>>> Anyone know what's wrong?
>> If I understand you correctly, you've just tried to send PDF over to
>> the printer through LPR?  I'm afraid, it just not going to work, at
>> all.  LPR, in essence, is just a file transfer tool. It doesn't do any
>> format conversion. Unless your printer natively understand PDF format
>> (which I highly doubt), it would only output random ASCII garbage, or,
>> as you've found out, nothing at best. (Nothing is actually the best
>> possible output, trust me...)

> I understand what you are saying here.  I had forgotten this issue and
> have forgotten some of the answer to this issue.  Let me summarize
> again:

> 1. I have a PDF file.
> 2. The PDF file prints fine via AcroRead under Windows 8.1.
> 3. The PDF file displays properly via GV under Cygwin.
> 4. The PDF file doesn't print via GV to LPR from Cygwin.
> 4.1. The printout causes the usual print popup.
> 4.2. The popup takes a long time.
> 4.3. Ultimately, no printout comes out.
> 5. You suggest that the PDF file is going to the printer by LPR, but is
> being ignored because it needs to be processed into a print compatible
> format.

Ahha, that makes more sense. Sorry, I didn't understand your original post.

> My questions are:

> 1. GV is displaying the file correctly, so hasn't it already been
> processed before sending it to LPR?

That's two different things. But I suppose it should convert to something
printer(-driver)-digestible (i.e. PostScript).
Out of pure curiosity, have you tried to install "Print services for unix"?
Might not be available in your Windows version, though. Comes with Pro and
up. Also have a catch of not accepting localhost connections, even though it
listening on

> 2. LPR is the default print mechanism for GV, so wasn't this issue
> previously handled?
> 3. If not, how do people send PDF/PS printouts from Cygwin to the
> underlying, locally attached Windows printer?
> 4. Could this be a simple case of improper line endings (NL vs CRLF)
> and, if so, shouldn't LPR handle that conversion?

I don't know, sorry, have not printed anything from Cygwin.

> Forgive my English and repeated answers -- problems of trying to use the
> iPhone for email when your fingers don't always do what you want... :-(

Well, at least, now we know that iPhone email client properly insert threading
headers :D

Andrey Repin ( 28.06.2014, <13:02>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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