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Re: LPR output disappearing

Greetings, David Masterson!

> I created a PDF file with Org-Mode in Emacs and used "gv" and "lpr" to
> try to output.  I have a Dell A10 printer attached to my Acer PC.  The
> output looked like it was going to work in that the Dell popup that
> shows that the printer is about to print something popped up.  However,
> it took a long time and eventually did nothing.  I turned around and
> printed the same file with Adobe Acrobat Reader and it printed fine, so
> I guess the file is proper PDF.  This is my first time attempting to do
> a printout with "lpr" in Cygwin, so maybe I haven't configured something
> appropriately or given lpr the proper arguments (I think it was given
> just the filename).

> Anyone know what's wrong?

If I understand you correctly, you've just tried to send PDF over to the
printer through LPR?
I'm afraid, it just not going to work, at all.
LPR, in essence, is just a file transfer tool. It doesn't do any format
conversion. Unless your printer natively understand PDF format (which I highly
doubt), it would only output random ASCII garbage, or, as you've found out,
nothing at best. (Nothing is actually the best possible output, trust me...)

Andrey Repin ( 28.06.2014, <04:24>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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