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Re: LDAP integration and sshd

On Jun 26 19:03, Achim Gratz wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen writes:
> >> Hmm.  Doesn't appear to be working in any combination I tried, I'm always
> >> getting an "invalid user" when I'm trying to do that.  Is it possible that
> >> the AD lookup doesn't work when using privilege separation?
> >
> > No idea.  Did you try?  You didn't use '@' as separator, by any chance?
> No, I didn't change any settings from the default (apart from the lone
> sshd entry in /etc/passwd to make the local account visible to the
> sshd).  The sshd runs under the sshd local account.
> So, I've tried to let certain users in only if they match a name pattern
> (the pattern match is verified to work and shows up in the log) and are
> in group +Administrators as resloves with getent, as soon as I specify
> anything other than "*" in the AllowGroup config, these users are not
> allowed to log in.  I've tried "Administrators", "+Administrators" and
> even "primaryDOM+Administrators".

The Admin group is a BUILTIN group, so it's always +Administrators
under the default prefixing rule, as outlined in my preliminary

And it works fine for me with the latest from CVS (== latest snapshot),
I just tested it.

If I add

  AllowGroups +Administrators

I can still login with my admin account and get a refusal when logging
in with a non-admin account.

In contrast, If I add

  DenyGroups +Administrators

it's the opposite.

Are you, by any chance, using a non-English OS version?  You know that
the administrators group has a localized name, right?  In german, for
instance, it's called Administratoren.


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