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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cygport-0.16.0-1

I have just released cygport-0.16.0 for the Cygwin distribution. Notable changes in this release include:

* UAC manifests are no longer generated now that the toolchain itself handles these with binutils-2.24.51-4, gcc-4.8.3, and windows-default-manifest-6.3. MAKE SURE you have these versions before updating cygport!

* Working directories are now $ARCH-specific, so that packages can be built for both i686 and x86_64 in the same directory simultaneously.

* Source packages are now created so that they unpack into a release-specific directory.

* SRC_URI and PATCH_URI entries can be renamed when downloading by adding a URI fragment in the form <URI#/NEWNAME>.

* Improved dependency detection for gobject-introspection and lua.

* Updated for gettext-0.18.3.

* gnome/gtkmm/mate: fixes for autoreconf with latest releases

Ken Brown (2):
      texlive: upstream now supports x86_64-cygwin
      texlive: skip install of native Windows files

Yaakov Selkowitz (19):
      spec: fix for F20 unversioned docdirs
      list_deps: include dependencies of private GIRs
      postinst: cleanup all generated MIME database files
      list_deps: fix Lua dependency detection for various syntaxes
      gnome2, mate: make sure directories in ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS exist
      prepstrip: handle .o object files
      gtkmm: fix aclocal override in gtkmm_autoreconf
      gtkmm: change default CATEGORY to Libs
      Remove UAC manifest generation support
      Use arch-specific workdir
      Add check_php_module
      Allow SRC_URI/PATCH_URI file renaming with URI fragment
      prepdoc: add standard Qt component licence docs
      Make source packages unpack under release-specific directory
      pkg_diff: Update for gettext-0.18.3
      Update copyright for 2014
      Display $ARCH in status messages
      Update gnuconfig
      cygport 0.16.0




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