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Re: LDAP integration / ACL in Perl revisited

Corinna Vinschen <corinna-cygwin <at>> writes:
> But when I run this via a perl script:
>   $ cat > <<EOF
>   use v5.10;

This should be "use 5.14;" to do the same thing as "-E", I think.

> Since test(1) is doing the right thing and returning the right results,
> I'm blaming perl for now.

I've tested this again on a different file and a different machine and using
Cygwin32 via an admin CMD and a non-Admin one started from the same account.
 The straces this time are exactly identical save for the file handles, yet
the outcome of the test is "no" for non-Admin and "yes" for Admin
invocation.  Neither access nor euidaccess are called either way, so there
must be some heuristics in Cygwin Perl that try to infer access from the
stat information alone.  Why it doesn't pick up the fact that ACL are
involved I can't say.

The test executable on the other hand calls check_file_access, which then
traces into euidaccess.


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