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Re: LDAP integration / ACL in Perl revisited

Corinna Vinschen writes:
> Without pulling strace into the picture, I get different results for -O
> depending on whether running this on the command line as above, or if I
> run this via a perl script.

I don't think I see this difference given the result from my script, but
I'll try to dig deeper tomorrow.

>> 12380  568906 [main] perl 5712 fhandler_base::fstat_helper: 0 = fstat
>> (\??\UNC\share\bla, 0x600039498) st_size=228, st_mode=0x81A4,
> (*) ...does not match that .........................^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Could this be a result of running strace?  The previous "solution" to
this problem was to run the script with administrator rights (even
though that shouldn't change anything based on th ACL).  Could this end
up in a branch where the mode would be faked, like when mounting with
noacl (that would certainly result in a 644 mode)?

> Since test(1) is doing the right thing and returning the right results,
> I'm blaming perl for now.

Oh sure, there's something fishy going on with file tests in Perl.  I
just have no idea what it is yetâ

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