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Re: pipe error on 64bit

On 23/06/2014 11:20, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Jun 20 16:59, Marco Atzeri wrote:

   600    6791 [main] pg_regress 8200 transport_layer_pipes::write: error
writing to pipe, error = 233
    27    6818 [main] pg_regress 8200 __set_errno: virtual ssize_t
transport_layer_pipes::write(void*, size_t):223 setting errno 22
    28    6846 [main] pg_regress 8200 client_request::send: request body
write failure: only 18446744073709551615 bytes sent of 36, error = 22(233)
                      ^^^ ?

8 byte signed integer -1, accidentally printed as unsigned value.  I
fixed that in CVS.  Write returned -1 here because the pipe write
returned an error code 233, ERROR_PIPE_NOT_CONNECTED.  It looks like the
client process died for some reason.  This reason is not visible in the
output of cygserver, of course.

Hi Corinna,
sorry, I realized after sending, that I was looking at a red herring.
The real error = 233 was clearly already there.

I have identified what is going wrong on the process at the other side
of the pipe : an unexpected output from getaddrinfo for the "" case; but not yet why as an equivalent test case is working like charm.

I suspect a incorrectly initialized pointer given as input
to getaddrinfo in a corner case.


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