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RE: Question on gcc install

On 6/20/2014 22:37, Arthur Schwarz wrote:
>> At the present time /bin/gcc.exe, etc., works. /bin/*mingw*.exe 
>> either compiles but does not link, or does not compile - which seems 
>> to be a
> header
>> issue. gcc -m32 does not work which may be a gcc.gnu issue.
> Can you at least be specific about the errors? It is rather 
> frustrating reading your emails, being so vague about and all. Are you 
> mixing Cygwin and mingw code?
>    Sorry. I was remiss.
>    Execution fails on all of the mingw compilers with the same error
>    message. All compilations use the same command line options.
>    > i686-pc-mingw32-g++ -Wall -Wno-reorder -Wno-unused-value -DYYDEBUG=1 
>      -DDEBUG_IO   -c -g -MMD -MP -MF
>    > slip.exe
> /E/home/skidmarks/Projects/SLIP/slip/dist/Debug/mingw-Windows/slip.exe:
> error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++-6.dll: cannot open 
> shared object file: No such file or directory
> RUN FAILED (exit value 127, total time: 15ms)

You are not supposed to run cross compiled executable files. This is not
even a linker error.

    I compiled my program with each of the mingw32 compilers.
    After each compilation I copied the libstdc++-6.dll into
    the directory containing the compiled executable and then
    ran the compiled code. After each execution I received the
    same error. Are you saying that the mingw32 compiled code
    is cross-compiled to a non-intel, non-windows and/or
    non-cygwin architecture and that is why the code doesn't
    execute? What are you supposed to do with mingw32 compiled
    code instead of executing it?

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