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RE: Re: Question on gcc install

Hi JonY;

I hope that this clarifies some of the thing yous mentioned (as well as
others unmentioned).

None of the toolchains are multilib capable, so -m32/-m64 is not going
to work. See also
   "> info gcc -> Option Index" shows -m32 and -m64 as valid 
   Options Are there plans to change the info files so that 
   they better represent the distributed versions of the 

No, gdb happens to be invariant because you don't have cross gdb
installed. You cannot debug 32bit code with 64bit gdb on Windows.
   Would it be possible to clarify that 64-bit compiler target
   Will only work on a compatible 64-bit gdb (same for 32-bit)
   and that in order to get gcc to generate code for 32-bit
   targets the setup-x86.exe must be used ant that in order to
   get 64-bit target code setup-x86_64.exe must be used?

> If there is a resource document that I can look at to find the meaning of
> life, could you tell me where to find it? I have downloaded the 
> document set for vrs. 4.8.3, Is this sufficient?

My advice is, stop jumping to conclusions, 
   Could you please clarify what in the above sentence draws a 
   conclusion? Are you saying that if I have concluded that
   documentation exists that it does not?

and stop assuming facts about how things are related, 
   Could you please clarify what in the above sentence supports your 
   statement? Are you saying that the gcc documentation for vrs. 4.8.3
   Is not related to the gcc port?

and fix your email client to reply to threads properly instead of starting a
new thread for every reply.
   I am trying. I am terribly sorry that this occurs.

   What on Earth is the python script for?
      It is for gdb pretty-printing. Your questions are more 
      appropriate on gcc-help.
         Is there some reason a gdb script is located under
         A gcc directory and not a gdb directory?

   Supposing the following seems to have occurred with this release.
      1: The use of appended version numbers in /bin has been 
      2: The latest distribution (16 Jun) has an error in that 
         x86_64-w64-mingw32 does not have an associated file 
         in /usr/. There is an associated file in /usr/lib/gcc 

         In trying to understand your comment I assume that you
         Are questioning items 1: and 2: above. 
         1: the latest download, unlike previous downloads, is
             Missing compiler files such as 
         2: In all cases except x86_64-w64-mingw32, there is
            a directory in /usr and /usr/lib/gcc with the
            same toolchain prefix as in /bin. Without being
            tendentious I assume that you understand the
            toolchain prefix as defined in 
   You have 
            requested that I make no assumptions, so I now
            assume that the omission is deliberate and 
            need no further investigation or action.

   From the compiler names

   For the cygwin distribution this translates to:
        |    |  o- operating system
        |    o- vendor
        o- target platform

        |      |  o- operating system
        |      o- vendor
        o- target platform

        |    |  o- operating system
        |    o- vendor
        o- target platform

        |    |   o- operating system
        |    o- vendor
        o- target platform

        |      |   o- operating system
        |      o- vendor
        o- target platform

       What is the w64 vendor and mingw32 operatingsystem?
       I am relieved that the '32' in 'mingw32' has
       no meaning.

   /usr/share/doc/gcc/README and /usr/share/doc/gcc/INSTALL/README 
   Reference the directory gcc/doc. Would it be possible to show 
   the complete path to this directory?


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