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Re: Base 64-bit Cygwin now requires Perl?

Chris J. Breisch writes:
> lynx depends on perl. I'm not 100% sure this is a valid dependency.

It isn't, scripts in the doc folder shouldn't trigger a dependency.  On
x86 this dependency isn't there, only on x86_64 -- which indicates it is
a function of the cygport version that generated the package.  But
really the setup.hint should just be changed for x86_64 (Corinna could
do that, I suppose).

> However, I wonder if the answer here isn't just to move perl into
> base. perl scripts are used everywhere, even in startup/shutdown
> scripts on some Unix systems. I think most people at this point expect
> a Unix environment to have perl.

Perl is too heavy for Base.  If we can help it it shouldn't be there.

> So, yes, there are options to remove this dependency. The lynx one
> seems to me to be the easiest, but I could be wrong.

There's links as well, but I don't know if it makes a difference
feature-wise.  It does not depend on perl in both architectures in any
case.  If man-db uses lynx by default, then it likely is easier to just
correct the dependencies.

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