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Re: How to strictly differentiate <file>.exe with <file> ???

Emmanuel Lepavec wrote:

I have an issue with the latest version of Cygwin (previously I was using an old one 1.5.25, I think...).
When using basic commands such as 'ls', 'rm', now the shell resolve incorrectly filenames without extension.
If a same file with '.exe' extension exists, it will be used.

For example, take a directory with a single file 'a.exe'.
$ ls -a
.  ..  bar.exe
$ ls bar
$ rm bar
rm: remove regular empty file `bar'?

The command should have returned 'rm: cannot remove `bar': No such file or directory'

If I want to delete only 'bar' (without extension), it will actually delete 'bar.exe' file. This is an unexpected behavior which pose an big issue in some of my build scripts.

Is there some way to strictly differentiate 'bar' from 'bar.exe'?

Thank you.

I'm no expert, but...

If you actually have both a 'bar' and a 'bar.exe', then 'rm bar' will remove 'bar' and not 'bar.exe'. So, it seems to me that the problem is detecting when 'bar' is really 'bar.exe'.

On my machine, with a single file bar.exe, I can do this:

$ ls -i bar bar.exe
5348024558398844 bar  5348024558398844 bar.exe

Notice that they have the same pseudo-inode number. This would not be the case if they were distinct files. It shouldn't be hard to work up a little bash script that can let you know if bar is actually bar.exe.

Here's a sample I whipped up. This isn't bullet-proof and has some redundancy, but it's just a sample.

$ cat > << EOF
inode1=$(ls -i $file1 | sed -e 's/ .*//')
inode2=$(ls -i $file2 | sed -e 's/ .*//')
if [ $inode1 -eq $inode2 ]; then
   echo $file1 is actually $file2
   echo $file1 and $file2 are separate files

$ chmod +x

$ ./ bar
bar is actually bar.exe

Chris J. Breisch

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